Intensified Coal Support and Supply Guarantee People’s Warmth in Winter

?Published:2020-12-02 ?【字体:??

  Currently, the northern China has entered the heating season. In view of the strong demand of coal for power generation, heating and residential heating, China State Railway Group Co., Ltd. has strengthened its political mission and responsibilities, and enhanced the organization of winter coal transportation according to Chinas overall deployment on coal support and supply in winter, thus ensuring peoples heating supply in winter.

  From November, the railway sector launched a 60-day winter coal supply operation to coordinate transportation capacity and optimize transportation organization, thus ensuring the stable coal supply across the country and meeting the coal transportation demands in the winter. As of November 17, the national railways have sent 90.55 million tons of coal in November, an increase of 1.82 million tons (2%) from the same period last year, with a daily coal car loading of 76,216. At present, the Bohai Sea ports have a total coal storage of 17.694 million tons, and the coal storage of 350 power plants directly receiving the railway systems coal supply is enough for 26.5 days consumption in average, maintaining a high level.



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