Fuzhou-Pingtan Railway Enters Running Test Stage

?Published:2020-12-02 ?【字体:??

  The much-anticipated Fuzhou-Pingtan Railway has entered the running test stage on November 23, marking the countdown of the "half-hour life circle" between Fuzhou and Pingtan.

  According to China Railway Nanchang Group Co., Ltd., the running test will be carried out between Fuzhou South Station and Pingtan Station to test the train operation diagram parameters and check the train running scale and headways at stations. Fault simulation, emergency rescue drills, diagram-based running test, etc. will also be carried out during the test.

  With a total length of 88.43 km, design speed of 200 km/h and a bridge-tunnel proportion of 79.04%, Fuzhou-Pingtan Railway has 6 stations including Fuzhou Station, Fuzhou South Station, Changle Station, Changle East Station, Changle South Station and Pingtan Station, among which Fuzhou Station and Fuzhou South Station are existing stations and the rest are new stations.



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