Rail-laying Achieved at the Main Line of Yancheng-Nantong HSR

?Published:2020-09-02 ?【字体:??

  On the morning of August 7, the last set of 500m long rail was laid in place at the construction site of the Yancheng-Nantong HSR at Nantongxi Railway Station, which marks the completion of rail-laying work for the main line of HSR. In the next period, the project will enter the stage of static acceptance.

  As an essential part of the “Eight north-south and eight west-east HSR network”, specified in China’s Mid-and-Long-Term Railway Network Plan, the Yancheng-Nantong HSR is also an important transport facility which helps the development of the Belt and Road Initiative and the Yangtze Economic Zone. With a total length of 156.6 km and a design speed of 350 km/h, the main line will be able to accomplish the interoperability among the Xuzhou-Yancheng, Shanghai-Nantong and other high speed railways, thus serving as a convenient transport channel which connects the North, Northwest China with the Yangtze River Delta region. The main line will also be of great importance in promoting the overall transport capacity of the railway coastal passage, the radiation efficiency of the regional railway network and the integrated development of Yangtze River Delta.



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