National Railways Set New Record in Daily Car Loading

?Published:2020-07-29 ?【字体:??

  On July 16, Chinas railway system registered a daily freight car loading of 171,007 cars, setting a new record for car loading in a single day. Since the beginning of this year, the daily car loading on Chinas railway system has exceeded 170,000 cars seven times.

  Following the requirements of "maintaining freight traffic and promoting passenger traffic", all CR regional groups have made all-out effort to overcome the impact of the current flood disasters, the centralized repair on railway network and the epidemic prevention and control. They have actively adapted to the market changes, seized the favorable opportunity of rising demands in sources of goods, and timely adjusted their transportation organizations. They also deeply exploited the potential and improved the efficiency of the railway network, and strengthened the transportation capacity, thus promoting the continuous increase of freight traffic volume.



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