Digital Port System Boosts Freight Volume and Income of Shanyao Border Station

?Published:2020-07-21 ?【字体:??

  On July 1, the railway digital port system was formally applied to the Shanyao Border Station at China-Vietnam border.

  The railway digital port system was developed by China State Railway Group Co., Ltd. to improve the transportation organization efficiency and customs clearance efficiency at ports, implement the electronic port bills and electronic customs clearance, and finally realize the international intermodal transport without any paper documents. The system can share data with the customs data system and the customer e-commerce system, to shorten the customs clearance process and improve efficiency. The system also allows customers to handle freight procedures remotely.

  In recent years, relying on the geographic advantages at Hekou Port and the strong transport capacity on China-Vietnam meter-gauge railway, China Railway Kunming Group Co., Ltd. has successively imported fertilizer, yellow phosphorus, iron ore, etc. from Vietnam. To facilitate the import, Shanyao Border Station located on the import route has strengthened its cooperation with customs, border inspection, border defense and other authorities. With increased investment in technology, it has built the auto-spraying disinfection equipment architecture, and also realized the 24-hour supervision via customs monitoring devices. Through dual-locomotive and other traction modes, it also tried to improve the train loading capacity in a single trip.

  In H1 2020, Shanyao Border Station handled a total of 305,200 tons of cargoes, including 151,200 tons of export cargoes, up 6.98% and 27.57% year-on-year respectively.



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