Number of CHINA RAILWAY Express Trains Operated up 68% YoY in July

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  In July, the number of CRE trains operated maintained strong growth, with a total of 1,232 trains operated and 113,000 TEUs of goods delivered, up 68% and 73% respectively year-on-year. The number of CRE trains operated per month exceeded 1000 for three consecutive months, and double-digit year-on-year growth was achieved for five consecutive months. The CRE trains have made positive contributions to stabilizing the international logistics supply chain, serving the domestic and international logistic circulations and helping international cooperation in epidemic prevention.

  According to the freight transport department of CHINA RAILWAY, with the gradual economic recovery of China and the continuous growth of foreign trade freight transportation, the demand for CRE train service is very strong in July. Resolutely implementing the central governments deployments of "ensuring stability in employment, financial operations, foreign trade, foreign investment, domestic investment and expectations" and "ensuring security in job, basic living needs, operations of market entities, food and energy security, stable industrial and supply chains, and the normal functioning of primary-level governments", the railway sector has made all-out efforts to undertake the import and export goods by giving full play to the advantages (segmented transportation and no personnel quarantine) of CRE trains and making full use of the border ports and traffic corridors. As a result, 1,232 CRE trains were operated in July, with 113,000 TEUs of goods delivered, up 68% and 73% respectively year-on-year, with an overall loaded container rate of 98.8%. Among them, 724 trains (67,000 TEUs) were operated in departure trips, up 74% (79%) year-on-year, with a loaded container rate of 100%, and 508 trains (46,000 TEUs) in return trips, up 60% (65%) year-on-year, with a loaded container rate of 97.1%. The number of CRE trains operated and numbers of CRE trains in departure and return trips all set a monthly high, showing a strong and continuous growth trend of CRE trains.



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