1000th CHINA RAILWAY Express Trains Crosses Chinese Border via Erenhot International Port

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  At 10:46 on July 6, No. 1291 CRE train was originated at Yantai, Shandong Province left China via Erenhot International Port, heading for Moscow, Russia. This is the 1000th CRE train that has crossed the Chinese border via Erenhot International Port since the beginning of this year, with the figure achieved 60 days earlier than last year.

  At present, there are 38 outbound CRE train routes via Erenhot International Port, which are connected with 25 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities across the country. These routes passing through the Erenhot International Port are the shortest option for CRE trains from North China and East China to cross the Chinese border. They are the important transport corridors connecting China with European countries and countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative, and also the important international transportation corridors that stabilize the international supply chain.

  In recent years, with the establishment of production bases of the food, automobile, and other enterprises in the central and western China, auto parts, linseed oil, whey powder, etc. have become the main cargoes for CRE trains originating in North China. Since the beginning of the year, a large number of manufactured goods and anti-epidemic supplies have been transported to Europe by the CRE trains every day. On the return trips, the CRE trains brought back European products and daily necessities such as machinery and equipment, timber, red wine and flour, which promoted the resumption of production of domestic enterprises and met the living needs of the domestic residents.

  As of July 7, Erenhot International Port has received and dispatched a total of 1,006 CRE trains crossed the Chinese border this year, up 29.8% year-on-year. These trains carried a total of 1,188,400 tons of cargoes, up 63.8% year-on-year, with 102,446 TEUs of containers. These CRE trains not only stabilized the industrial chain and supply chain, but also provided great help for the European countries and countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative to fight the epidemic.



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