Han Tongxin

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Han Tongxin, a master degree holder and researcher of Locomotive & Car Research Institute of China Academy of Railway Sciences Corporation Limited, is mainly engaged in professional and technical work in traction power supply system, OCS, locomotive and rolling stock high-voltage system, high speed pantograph-catenary relation test and OCS inspection technology. His contribution includes leading the research on high speed railway pantograph-catenary relationship test, developing the high speed catenary inspection system, formulating the technical specifications and technical conditions for 6C system of traction power supply OCS, studying the high-voltage system of high speed EMU, formulating the OCS operation and maintenance rules and other technologies and specifications in important sectors of railway, and leading or participating in more than 20 scientific research projects at the national, provincial, ministerial and CR regional group levels. He won 1 national science and technology award, 4 top prizes and 1 first prize of provincial and ministerial science and technology award, 4 top prizes, 2 first prizes and 2 second prizes of CR-regional-group-level science and technology award, and was awarded 6 patents for invention and published 8 academic papers.


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