National Engineering Laboratory for HSR System Test

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  The National Engineering Laboratory for HSR System Test is among the first batch of labs approved by National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) in September 2007. The project was initiated by CHINA RAILWAY (formerly the Ministry of Railways) and mainly built by China Academy of Railway Sciences Corporation Ltd. With advanced equipment and complete system, it serves as a scientific and technological innovation platform for all railway disciplines, and accommodates various tests including fixed and mobile equipment test, main line test, simulation test and real vehicle test.

  The National Engineering Laboratory for HSR System Test consists of 18 specialized laboratories. It is located at China Academy of Railway Sciences (CARS, 2 Daliushu Road, Haidian District, Beijing) and National Railway Track Test Center of CARS (1 Jiuxianqiao North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing). The fixed assets exceed 1 billion YUAN.

  By relying on the test loops and commercial lines, the laboratory focuses on HSR performance including reliability, safety, riding comfort, energy conservation and environmental protection and is mainly engaged in comprehensive commissioning, inspection & test, and authentication &certification for high-speed train, track, communication & signaling, traction power supply, passenger transport service, safety, energy conservation and environmental protection, providing technical support for the establishment of Chinese HSR technical standard systems.





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