National Engineering Research Center of Rail Transportation and Control System

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  The National Engineering Research Center of Rail Transportation Operation and Control System (Engineering Center hereafter), approved by NDRC in January 2008, was initiated by CHINA RAILWAY (formerly the Ministry of Railways) and jointly built by Beijing Jiaotong University, China Railway Signal & Communication Corporation (CRSC) and China Academy of Railway Sciences Corporation Ltd.. It is the only national engineering research center of Chinese rail transportation operation and control field. In 2018, according to the requirements of the Notice of CHINA RAILWAY on Transferring the Capitals and Rights of Investors on Beijing Rail Transportation Engineering Research Center and Chengdu Rail Transportation Research Institute to China Academy of Railway Sciences, the investment capital and relevant rights and interests of China Railway Investment Co., Ltd. were transferred to CARS for free. Since then, the operation and management of the Center is jointly performed by CARS and Beijing Jiaotong University.

  The Engineering Center is established to server the benefits of the nation and railway industry. Via facilitating research and verification of track transport operation and control system and establishing technical innovation and commercialization mechanism, the Center highlights ability of innovation, bridges the gap between the industry and science research, develops key technology, accelerates the pace of commercialization, and promotes technology progress and core competitiveness.

  The Center is dedicated to the development of technical standards and specifications of rail transportation operation and control system and study of key technologies. It also promotes engineering application and industrialization of research achievements, provides technical verification and consulting service, conducts high level trainings for research and management, and offers the third-party testing of function, performance and electromagnetic compatibility of rail transportation operation and control system.

  The major achievements of engineering center include: organizing/participating in the development of 50 national and industrial standards; completed the function test and interoperability test of equipment of all types of HSR CTCS-3 train control system, and the type test of connection between new EMU and ATP train equipment where the test report serves as one of the evidence of launch of HSR control equipment and the technical support to type finalization of new EMU; completing the ATO function and performance test of HSR ATO system equipment, TSRS, TCC and CTC as well as interoperability test of equipment of different types; solved the problems under 350km/h speed conditions such as multi-path and quick fading of GSM-R, Doppler shift, continuous handover, GSM-R network optimization, etc., and developing GSM-R network air-interface monitoring system to guarantee the reliability and practicability train-ground dual-way wireless message transmission of HSR control system; solving the complicated electromagnetic interference and coupling interference problems among multiple wireless antennas of high speed EMU under 350km/h conditions to improve the performance stability and reliability of HSR control system; completing the testing of comprehensive loading capacity and performance of next-generation wireless communication system LTE-M of urban rail transit as well as the interoperability of equipment made by different manufacturers; participating in the engineering application and industrialization of CBTC and FAO systems for urban rail transit.






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