Independent Intelligent HSR Integrated Test of Beijing–Shenyang PDL

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  CHINA RAILWAY firmly implemented the requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping on quality development, aims at the ambitious goal of "railway plays a leading role in building China’s strength in transport" and actively organizes key technology breakthrough for intelligent HSR. Firstlythe automatic drive technology effectively reduced the labor intensity of EMU drivers, reduces energy consumption and improves passenger travel experience as well as operation safety; the corporation developed intelligent traction power supply system featuring holographic sensor, multi-dimensional integration, reconstruction self-healing and intelligent operation & maintenance, and its exclusive system, simplified structure and integrated parts can effectively cut down the HSR O&M cost; CHINA RAILWAY successfully testified the application of next-generation mobile communication system and Beidou navigation satellite system in railway sector; it developed the intelligent centralized dispatching system of HSRs and realized the auxiliary intelligent adjustment of train schedules in severe weather like storm and snow or emergency situation like equipment breakdown, which consolidated the safety and efficiency of dispatching and operation organizing of HSRs.

  Secondly, CHINA RAILWAY fully mastered the critical technology of HSR and enhanced the domestic manufacture level of HSR+ technology and equipment. It realized wholly independent development of core equipment and software of train control system that reduced the overall cost of equipment; the long marshalling EMU diversified the serial branded products of Fuxing EMU; the independently developed active control pantograph breaks the technology monopoly of foreign vendors; it also made significant achievements in the independent innovations such as next-generation mobile communication system, new metal sound barrier, new track turnout, BD train positioning, approaching alert, etc.

  Thirdly, CHINA RAILWAY accumulated plenty of testing data to provide technical support for the improvement of HSR technical standards. By all-scenario testing, it accumulated mammoth testing data in the fields of high speed turnout, vibration of overpass bridge, traction power supply technology, EMU noise reduction, etc. that served as technical support to the optimization of HSR design and the development and revision of standards.

  At present, CHINA RAILWAY has conducted the comprehensive assessment of advancement, safety and cost efficiency of new technology and products of intelligent HSR and after necessary compliance proceedings, achievement transformation will be carried out. The innovations such as ATO at 350km/h, intelligent centralized dispatching system, Beidou signal reinforcement system, intelligent traction power supply system, new metal sound barriers, etc. are under trial operation of Liaoning section of Beijing-Shenyang PDL; the technologies like ATO, safety door protection and intelligent traction power supply, etc. will be officially applied to Beijing-Zhangjiakou HSR. Other innovative technologies will gradually be applied to newly-built or reconstructed railways.







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